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Hey my name is Daniel, I’m 25 years old and I'm from Western Sydney and this is my Honda DC2 Integra.


From a young age, much like everyone else, I was really into Fast and Furious and Need For Speed as well as growing up playing with toy cars. All in all I guess you could say that has slowly progressed into me playing with real cars and shaped me into who I am today.


I really got my inspiration from all the Honda scene over in America. They go crazy with their builds and Australia had such a bland Honda scene at the compared to the US. What I saw them doing over there really drove me to try and bring that level over here to Australia. I always knew I wanted to go crazy with this build and I had this vision of my car from the start which I can can now say have eventually turned into a reality.



The journey with my Integra began a little over 8 years now. I was on my P plates and looking for my first manual car. The car was your typical dc2 integra that you would expect from a 17 year old however over the years I’ve had many different set ups and been through so many different stages to finally reach the ‘final stage’. In saying that, my style changed as I grew up and that’s why my car changed so many times. The engine bay definitely took the longest with the shaved bay, tucked wiring, K20 engine swap and full of custom parts to make it unique. The whole car was painted by myself in my garage at home which is crazy to believe when you actually see the car in person it looks insane. All in all it was a very long and expensive journey but the results speak for itself. I am proud to be able to look back on my journey with this special car and look at what I have created. I have done 99% of the work on the car and I must say I have learnt so much from the first mods of wheels and coil-overs to building the entire car and I wouldn't have done it any other way. 



  • K20A (JDM DC5)

  • LSD box



  • N/A with custom intake

  • RBC manifold

  • Custom 3” stainless exhaust with a Varex Muffler


  • VW Scirocco radiator

  • Custom radiator with -16 AN fittings and braided hose



  • Hybrid Racing tucked fuel line kit

  • Hybrid Racing fuel rail

  • Hybrid Racing regulator

  • Walbro 255 fuel pump



  • S2000 dash retrofitted

  • Bride seats

  • Spoon Sports steering wheel

  • Type R centre console

  • Recaro rear seats



  • JDM front conversion

  • Custom purple paint

  • Type R tail lights

  • Mugen front lip

  • Type R optional skirts

  • Type R optional rear pods

  • Custom front lip splitter

  • Custom side skirt extensions

  • Custom rear pod extensions

  • Custom rear diffuser

  • Type R wing

  • Spoon Sports side mirrors




  • Airlift 3P airbag suspension

  • Skunk2 camber arms

  • NSX front brakes



  • Work Meister M1

  • Rays TE37

  • Advan AD09​



My best memory was doing the K20 engine swap and getting the car ready and running 1 day before revealing the car at Unmarked car show. So much blood, sweat, tears and money went into the car within a 4 month period to make that possible to get the car ready for the show. From shaving my engine bay, painting the bay, making custom hoses and wiring, custom radiator & getting the K swap running - it was a stressful process but I’m glad I pumped it out and got it done.


Exterior wise I think the car is 100% done. I think the only thing left is doing a full custom interior with custom trimmed seats, dash, centre console, door cards etc. Other than that, the car will remain the same forever. I have built the car I have always dreamed of having and I built it for me which I would say has lead to me being so satisfied with how my car is now. In saying that, we all know that project cars are never done and they will forever evolve as we grow older. 

I really look forward to enjoying this final setup as I believe it is the perfect balance making it an absolute blast to drive. Along with getting some seat time in the car I also hope to maybe get it out and about to some shows here and there to share with the community. 

Thank you to everyone who has been with me through my journey with this car and thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about my Integra.  



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