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My name’s Justin, I’m 28 and I live on the Gold Coast Queensland. I work as a graphic designer and design manager at a construction company, I also run a small freelance/product manufacturing company called Jundesignco.

As with most car people growing up in the 90s the major influences for my love of cars comes from the Fast and Furious franchise (at least the earlier movies) and games like Need for Speed, Midnight Club Gran Turismo and Forza.

My dad and mum were also always into cars, My dad has owned holden muscle cars his whole life and was a big influence in helping me learn about cars and the mechanical side of things growing up.


As with anything in life, the vision for the build and my taste in styling is always changing and evolving. As cars like these get harder to find and parts for them harder to source/more expensive the current direction for the car is OEM+ styling with a few points of difference throughout. Clean and simple aesthetics and comfortable drivability.


I’ve always loved the look of smaller wheels, super low super wide stance with aggressive stretch and camber, this is something I’ve been striving for with this car and my other cars.



So I’ve owned the car for nearly 10 years now, through that time its been 4 different colours, had at least 3 different style of aero on it and more sets of wheels than I can remember.

I’ve always loved the R32, both for its presence in Group-A racing and its popularity as a drift car. Everything from the noise maker RB20 to its body lines and aggressive stance on the road tick boxes for me.

The car was originally silver from factory, and an RB25de Automatic, before it was imported it was swapped to an RB20det Manual with some basic mods. I don’t know much of its history prior to me owning it in Australia but it was green when I bought it with a gross fibreglass bodykit, quarter panels filled with rust and bog but otherwise a pretty clean solid car.

Not long after purchasing it I wanted to paint it, so I replaced a lot of the aero, put over fenders on it to cover the original rusty quarters and resprayed it in the driveway in a makeshift booth with my friends, at that time I was running a set of 18” equip 05s. Over time I got bored of the cars look, changed the wheels, decided to wrap it, gave up on wrapping it halfway through then peeled it off which peeled off my driveway respray as well. I wont go into too much detail about this period of owning the car but it basically stayed as is for a while until I decided to really clean the car up.

I’d changed from 18s to 17s and then eventually to 16s getting the car even lower and even wider with each set of wheels going from a set of 18x9.5 +20 to the set of 16x10.5 -32 TE37V’s it current sits on. By this point these were no longer 5k cars, parts were getting more expensive and destroying aero and breaking things by driving/drifting a low car didn’t seem as appealing as it once was. This thing needed a major overhaul and clean up.

I decided I wanted to paint the car again, however this time do it properly. So I searched for ages for a set of genuine R32 GTR quarter panels to replace the overfenders, replaced the whole front end with genuine GTR panels to get the car as wide as possible. Through the process of preparing the car for paint we rolled and pulled both the front and rear fenders, tubbed the rear and bodyworked everything to be as smooth and as seamless as it could be. I knew I wanted the car to be black again so went with the factory GTR colour 723 black pearl metallic.

I feel like once the car was painted, I’d really done it justice. It went from being a somewhat clapped out 5k car to something really special, and have continued to keep that same perspective in mind as I’ve modified the car from there. Making sure that anything I did on it was done to the best of my ability and remained true to the vision I have for the car, from sourcing uncommon aero like the side skirts and bonnet lip directly from the company in Japan who produces them to searching for months and months for an original windscreen to make sure all the glass colour matches.

For me, those small details are what sets my car apart from the others, and are probably details majority of people might miss if they don’t know what their looking at.



  • RB20DET

  • RB20 GTS-r Finned Valve Covers

  • Forward Facing Plenum

  • Aircon Delete

  • Relocated power steering pump

  • Chase bays power steering res

  • Relocated oil filter

  • Relocated batter

  • Relocated fuse box



  • HKS2535 turbo on 18psi

  • Front Mount Intercooler

  • 3” mild steel exhaust to twin 3” blast pipes


  • Triple pass aluminium radiator

  • Stock clutch fan setup



  • Walbro 255 fuel pump

  • Tomei Fuel Pressure regulator

  • Sard fuel rail

  • Denzo 660cc gtr injectors with resistor pack



  • Complete GTR Interior

  • Factory Option Cup Holders

  • King of Vertex steering wheel

  • NRG quick release

  • Nismo cluster

  • Custom Triple Gauge Din setup

  • Bride Zeta I Carbon Kevlar Fixed Back seat

  • Bride FG super low seat rail

  • Likewise Shifter

  • Custom false floor boot setup with concealed compressor

  • Custom boot mounted battery setup

  • Custom boot mount air tank and manifold setup



  • Genuine GTR Front Bar

  • Genuine GTR Front Lip

  • Genuine GTR Front Fenders

  • N1 Bonnet lip

  • N1 Headlights

  • N1 Boot lip

  • Genuine Vertex Bonnet lip

  • Genuine Shorin Side Skirts

  • Genuine Type-M Rear Pods

  • Painted Factory 732 Black Pearl Metallic

  • Genuine Glass Throughout

  • Mirror Gold Front winscreen/window tint

  • 20% Rear quarter/rear windscreen tint




  • Custom extreme drop BC coilovers with an air bag conversion kit running on Airlift 3p

  • GKtech front knuckles

  • GKtech front caster arms

  • Standard upper camber arms with adjustable bushings

  • Standard LCAs with removed lock stops

  • GKtech rack spacers

  • Clearanced front wheel arches

  • Gktech Rear camber arms

  • Gktech rear Toe arms with hicas delete

  • Gktech rear traction arms

  • Standard Rear LCAs

  • Custom 4 stud front and rear hubs

  • Gts-t 4 pot front calipers

  • Gts-t 2 pot rear calipers

  • J hook rotors

  • GTR Rear diff, half shafts and hubs one piece tail shaft



  • Volk Rays TE37v 16x10.5 -32 - Boutique ceramic polished by producedfactory

  • 225/45/16 Dunlop Direzza ZIII Semi Slicks

  • Gktech lug nuts



As I’ve mentioned, I’ve owned this car for a long time, and with that come a lot of memories both good and bad. I’m sure there are times when I was frustrated with the car, frustrated with an issue it was having or it not performing or looking how I wanted, but looking back at it its really only the good memories that come to mind.

I have some great memories from the earlier years of owning the car when my close friends also owned similar cars, we would be out until all hours of the morning either working on the cars, picking up parts, or out running a muck, for me it didn’t matter much what we were doing or who’s car we were working on but spending time with those friends around a hobby so close to all of us was the best part about it.

I’ve been guilty of keeping the car a bit locked up since having it painted but recently have been using the car a lot more and have enjoyed taking it to events where It’s gathered some attention. Taking the car to Halfway Hangs and most recently S-Chassis Festival were both great experiences and I’m grateful for the appreciation the car gets. Having people admire the build and appreciate the work involved in building and maintaining the car and hearing people say it inspires them or gives them ideas is a humbling experience which I’m very proud of.


Cosmetically, I would say the car is basically “done” although I use that term loosely because I don’t think the car will ever be done, I am always wondering what the car might look like if I did this, or changed that or ran different wheels, so that will inevitably happen.

However, the engine bay and engine are due for a major overhaul, I would say it’s the one aspect of the car that doesn’t quite hit the standard the rest of the car does.

I don’t want to give too much away in terms of what the plans are for the motor but it will be staying RB20 and I will be doing that RB20 justice. As most would agree the RB20 isn’t afraid of redline and I plan to make sure this thing can rev to that and some with the right combination of valve springs, retainers, cams and supporting mods to keep it reliable and safe. Paired with the right turbo and somewhat unique exhaust manifold I’ve got for it should make sure it sounds just as good as it looks too.

Beyond the engine work I want to make sure the other aspects of the engine bay are of the same calibre of the rest of the car, that means rather than just painting the engine bay I’ll shave all the factory holes and relocate a lot of the factory pereferals, and isntead of running a standard engine harness I’ll build a milspec grade engine harness with a bulkhead connection, for me its going that extra mile on those small details that make a really clean and unique build.

For me, this car is a forever car and will continue to evolve and change as my taste in styling changes, its something very close to me and I continue to enjoy using, working on and learning about the car and the platform even now. I’d like to say thanks to those close to me who have helped in any capacity with the car, as well as a few special mentions to Luke who painted the car, Seb who did the paint correction and ceramic coating, Tommy from produced factory for doing an amazing job on the wheels and Kudos motorsport for continuing to source and supply parts over the years.



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