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Hello I’m Mango, owner of Hot Dog Hustle, and this is my genuine Honda civic EG6.


I’ve owned the car since 2016 which was purchased from V-Spec performance who originally used the vehicle as a Chargespeed demo car.


Funnily enough the car was offered to me in 2014 by the original owner in Brisbane but at the time I decided to pass on the offer.


This is my eighth Honda, with my previous cars being Preludes, Integras and of course, Civics. As far as I know, this may be the only EG6 currently being driven on Melbourne roads, as the others are either in storage, on jacks, or used as track-only cars. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have an EG6 did you want to sell?


Now you’re all wondering what the colour is right? It’s GTR Diamond Black Pearl.


When building this car, I wanted all the parts to be exclusive. Starting with the Tactical Art carbon lip which was sourced through Fiend garage and at the time was the only one in Australia.


The fenders and side skirts are still Chargespeed, while the rear diffuser is from Top1 Motors.


The wheels are Rays TE37 still in original bronze with original stickers, which is why I haven’t replaced them. Sitting behind the TE’s is an ENDLESS bbk.


Now for the heart of this machine, still a B series motor and is still the same engine it came with when I originally purchased it. However, it has now been rebuilt for the third time after snapping and seizing multiple timing belts. The current setup is the most aggressive and hardcore version. The “Extreme Full Race” head made by VEICOMER in Portugal, which was imported originally for a race car that was never finished. The “Extreme Full Race” head is currently the only one in Australia.


Any part that can be titanium, is titanium. Starting from the valves and retainers to the intake, exhaust, bolts and down to the dip stick.


The headers are DTR Street Sweeper made by Dannytrantr in the USA. DTR formally known as SSR (SixSigmaRacing) for all you 90’s babies, and is of course the first set in Australia.


So, how does the car drive? One word, “Exhilarating”. Currently VTEC engagement is 8000rpm and redline is 13,000rpm.


Special thanks to the following:


Fortune Automotive

Elusive Racing

The boys


Hot Dog Hustle


Thanks for reading. Want to see more? Follow me on @eg6_xoai

Need hot dogs? @hotdoghustlemelbourne

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